New parade start time in 2018 will be 6 PM!

In order to comply with the parade's liability insurance coverage and the underwriters, all parade entry applications must be received by 5 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 28, no exceptions will be permitted. There will be a cap of 75 entries in order to ensure parade time and quality.

If you are entering as an individual and you are younger than 18 years of age, please have a parent or guardian contact the parade organizers at to make arrangements to sign a waiver.



You will be notified by email (from when your entry form has been received and processed. Parade information, including number and logistics, will be emailed 48-72 hours prior to event.



Your parade registration is not complete until you have made the $30 payment. If your entry does not make the final list, a full refund will be awarded.

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Contact name
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Contact phone number
Contact phone number
In three sentences, please describe your entry for the benefit of the parade announcers
I agree to hand out candy (or other giveaway) at the curb *
I will not throw or toss candy from a vehicle *
I have read and agree to the rules of the parade listed below. *



Information, guidelines and parade rules

1. The parade will begin lining up at 4:30 p.m. in the east parking lot of Norman High School. Enter the parade staging area from Kansas Street and Pickard Avenue, northeast of the football stadium.

2. The parade will begin promptly at 6 p.m.; please have all participants in place and ready.

3. All participants will be issued a line-up number via email 48-72 hours prior to the parade. Please print the number on an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper and post it visibly on both sides of the entry so that it may be easily seen by parade judges, announcers and officials.

4. Maintain 25 feet between entries at all times.

5. Entries must have lights and be festively decorated. Lights are mandatory because the parade takes place after sunset.

6. The parade must remain moving for safety reasons. Do not stop your vehicle on the railroad tracks. Do not stop your vehicle/float on the parade route.

7. Do not throw candy/giveaways. This is a city ordinance and will be strictly enforced by parade officials. Only those who are walking alongside an entry may hand out items curbside.

8. Entries with children will be required to have an adequate number of adults to insure safety. The ratio must be one adult per five children.

9. No entry may contain a display or live Santa Claus during the parade. The parade committee will provide the exclusive Santa Claus.

10. If your parade entry contains horses or other large animals, you will be placed near the end of the parade. Please have the animals "diapered" or have clean-up crew as part of your entry.

11. Winners will be announced by The Norman Transcript media outlet in print and online. Awards may be picked up at Copelin's on Main St.

The Norman Main Street Christmas Holiday Parade committee will not be held responsible for accidents resulting in injury to participants and/or damage to entries. Common sense and good judgement are expected.